5 Year Warranty

    Welcome to Pillowise® and Congratulations on your new custom fit pillow.

    This warranty covers:

    1. 5-Year Duration: The warranty is valid for five years from the date of purchase.

    2. Natural Defects: It applies to defects that occur naturally in the product.

    3. Material or Production Faults: The warranty covers damage or defects caused by material or production faults.

    This warranty does not cover:

    1. Normal Changes in Firmness: If there are normal changes in firmness that do not affect the pressure-reducing properties of the product, these changes are not covered.

    2. Improper Use: Any damage resulting from improper use is not covered. This includes misuse of the product.

    3. Normal Wear and Tear: The warranty does not cover damage that occurs due to regular wear and tear over time.

    4. Misuse, Contamination, or Damage After Delivery: Warranty claims will be void if the product has been misused, visibly contaminated, or damaged after delivery.

    5. Legal Rights: The warranty does not affect any legal rights that you may already have regarding guarantees and conformity as per applicable laws.

    In summary, this warranty covers natural defects and faults in material or production. It does not cover normal changes in firmness, improper use, significant loss of stiffness, regular wear and tear, misuse, contamination, or post-delivery damage. Your existing legal rights under guarantee and conformity laws are not affected by this warranty.

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    Please retain your invoice throughout the warranty period, as we require it to process any claims. Rest assured, your information will never be shared with third parties.

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