5 Year warranty

    Welcome to Pillowise® and congratulations on your new custom fit pillow.

    We offer a 5 year warranty. The warranty applies to natural defects. Normal changes in firmness or properties that do not affect the pressure-reducing properties are not covered by the warranty. The warranty only applies to damage or defects caused by material or production faults. Damage due to improper use and reduction of the original stiffness of the interior to 20%, as well as normal wear and tear, are not covered by this warranty.

    In the event of misuse, visible contamination or damage after delivery, all warranty claims will also lapse. The above mentioned guarantees do not affect the legal rights you already have regarding guarantee and conformity.

    To activate your 5 year warranty, please fill in the fields below.
    It is important to keep your invoice during your warranty period, since we do not handle any claims without it.
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