Your perfect pillow size

    A good night’s sleep begins with finding the most well-fitting pillow for your unique body. To get the best possible rest and for your muscles to be at their most relaxed, it is important to sleep on a pillow that's tailored to your dimensions. An appropriate pillow, one that's the correct height and shape, will adapt to the contours of your neck, is comfortably soft and gives great support. 

    Pillowise offers a unique new take on personal sleep comfort. It is important that your pillow is not too high or too low. A Pillowise pillow in your size will perfectly align your cervical spine and keep you aligned throughout the night. 

    Pillowise pillows are well designed using the best materials and manufactured with great care in our factory in The Netherlands. We give you a five-year warranty on our custom fit pillows, to assure you of your best night's sleep night after night. Over 5,000 health care professionals around the world are already recommending Pillowise to their clients. 

    Are you ready to experience the highest quality rest for you, your joints, and your muscles? Have your measurements taken by a Pillowise specialist in your area and feel the difference!

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    Only the best materials for your pillow

    How it's designed

    Pillowise pillows are designed to provide you with the best possible sleeping experience. They are made from the best materials, such as natural Tencel for excellent temperature and moisture control, and top-quality memory foam for excellent pressure distribution. Your Pillowise pillow is manufactured with great care in The Netherlands and comes with a standard five-year warranty. After all, it’s your best night’s sleep that’s our priority

    • Pillow size: 22in x 14in
    • Core material: 100% premium Dutch memory foam
    • Cover materials: Moisture regulating 100% Tencel
    • Cover removable and machine washable at 70°F
    How it is designed

    Traveling? Try this..

    Away from home? For your convenience, we’ve created the compact travel pillows. Your Pillow ToGo (13,5 in x 14 in) offers the same support as the regular Pillowise pillow and is available in all 6 colors.

    The Travel Pillows comes in a super compact travel bag, so you can take your custom sleeping comfort anywhere you go!

    Travelling? Try this...

    The perfect pillow for your child

    We have been asked by so many parents who use our Pillowise product: what is the best pillow for my child? Children don’t have neck and back issues like so many adults, but right support while sleeping is not any less important. The long-term physical impact of consistent bad posture during childhood is a growing concern.

    After helping over a milllion adults get better sleep, we realized it was time to launch Pillowise Junior and offer the best possible support to children too.

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    The perfect pillow for your child
    100% Premium memory foam 100% Premium memory foam
    5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
    Made to fit your unique body Made to fit your unique body
    Developed by physical therapists Developed by physical therapists


    "This is the best pillow we have ever used. "
    John Theeck D.C.
    "Pillowise has been the solution"
    Dr. Subadya D.C.
    "Everyone has been pleased with having a pillow that is custom made to their own body. "
    Dr. Matt Green, D.C. - Owner, Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center
    "For my almost 20 years in practice, I have been recommending pillows for my patients. Pillowise truly allows a custom fit for yo"
    Dr. Kevin M. Wong
    "I would recommend any practice owner to add Pillowise to their clinic."
    Trevor Ling DPT
    "I have been a Chiropractor for 34 years and have sold thousands of generic pillows to my patients. "
    Dr. William H. Hoffman, Jr.